Secret Productions is a bespoke production company that have been producing events for over a decade, excelling in creating imaginative, interactive environments for all types of events.

what we do

Secret Productions is a bespoke production company that excel in creating imaginative, interactive environments for all types of events. The Secret Productions team have been producing events for over a decade, from weddings to award ceremonies, from birthday parties to university balls.

Working closely with the client we endeavor to create a singularly unique dimension to every event that we produce, enveloping the guests with a wonderful experience.

Using different lighting techniques, abstract furnishings as well as bespoke set fabrication, Secret Productions can create truly different environments for clients or promoters alike. We also have a wide portfolio of interactive performers and artists to enhance.

Please see below for a list of previous Secret Productions events.

Please contact the office if you would like any further information about any of our events or production services. 

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0203 1376 380

United House, North Road, London, N7 9DP

“Secret Garden Party and their experienced team were professional and efficient to work with.

From the early planning to final execution, they were able to work under the strict parameters and restrictions of Battersea Power Station and still delivered a fantastic and creative event.”

Industri Management Ltd

Christmas Market 2013

Factory 7

Private Wedding

Astronomers Ball

Royal Observatory Greenwich – London





Secret Forum @ Shoreditch House 

Shoreditch - London







Secret Emporium Designer Showcase

Shoreditch House - London


Secret Emporium Christmas Market 

Village Underground - Shoreditch




Lost Lovers Ball

Battersea Power Station - London


Bacchanalian Ball 

Dex - London


Halloween Ball

Mortons Private Club - London


Halloween Event

Aynho Park - Aynho

Alice in Wonderland

Il Bottaccio - London

Winter Voyage

Troxy - London

Wyresdale Park Open Day 

Lancastershire - With Channel 4


Brasenose College Ball (Oxford University) 

Anyho Park – Aynho

Private New Year Party 

Rome – Italy










































Secret Productions operates The Secret Garden Party, Wilderness Festival and Glade Festival, all award winning independent festivals. 

They are full content arts events which exhaust every ounce of our creative resources.

Secret Productions have also been involved with many other music and arts festivals.


For further information please contact the
office at [email protected]

[email protected]  p. 0203 1376 380
Secret Productions
United House
North Road
N7 9DP