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Secret Forum looks to fund, support, promote & produce talks, debates & literary arts projects in the UK and abroad.

As behoves the roots of the Secret Arts Foundation, we champion collectives & institutions that are interactive in their approach, participatory in their social stance, and emotive in their presentation.

latest events

“Don’t fall in love with the nice time we are having here. Carnivals come cheap - the true test of their worth is what remains the day after. How our normal life will be changed.”

Slavoj Žižek

You can find us next at... 

Secret Forum's

Sunday Papers LIVE

Cecil Sharp House

 NW1 7AY

Easter Sunday May 26 - 11am-11pm

We are setting out to provide nothing less than the ultimate Sunday. To reimagine its vital elements - papers, roasts, walks & close company. 

12-hours of talks & performance bring the Sunday Papers to life in a giant front-room packed with chesterfields, lamps & rugs, with informal performances & talks on travel, style, world news, science, gardening, business, art, obituaries, music & more.

There will also be guided walks and tours around Primrose Hill & Regents Park, long-table roast banquets & brunches; and the best Bloody Marys IN THE WORLD.




The Astronomers’ Ball

@ The Royal Observatory Greenwich

Secret Forum returns to the Royal Observatory to build on the success of last year’s sell-out event that included Guerilla Science’s Space Tourism Bureau & DIY alien contact, roaming performance & immersive observatory tours from Gideon Reeling, guest speakers from CERN & Oxford University alongside comedians Robin Ince & Helen Keen, live planetarium narration, carefully curated art installations & live music throughout the site.

Details TBC (watch this… SPACE!)


Partners include:

The Royal Observatory Greenwich

Oxford University Astro-Physics Dept.

Intelligence Squared

The School of Life

Guerilla Science


Tibor Jones



Square Peg

Random House

Dark Mountain

The Idler Academy

Soho House Group

The Lost Lectures

Literary Death Match

The Boom Boom Club

Cecil Sharp House

1. A medium for open discussion and voicing of ideas, among experts and including audience participation.

2. A gathering place of great social significance.

Secret Forum is an initiative founded in 2009 through the Rebels & Intellectuals arena at The Secret Garden Party – a collection of venues that saw academia and the arts mix with the activist community to overwhelming positivity from festival-goers.

Secret Forum exists to support interdisciplinary discourse outside of stuffy institutes - accessing new audiences within an event or a community.

It is one small part of a growing movement to popularise & innovate talks, debates & literary arts events - to liberate them from the lecture hall, to cut down on the chin-stroking, to democratise the high-brow.

Secret Forum is an ever-growing network of people & groups utilising all forms of expression and every conceivable field of enquiry to educate, entertain and enlighten.

In 2013 we will be hosting themed events in landmark London venues, producing the first fully immersive live Sunday Paper, and facilitating all talky-thinky content for The Secret Garden Party and Wilderness festivals – continuing to build a truly interdisciplinary dialogue for progress, action and enlightenment.

Vive la révolution!



“The only good is knowledge

The only evil, ignorance.”


past speakers

foru_peeps.jpgIAN GOLDIN – Former Vice President of the World Bank, who served as an advisor to Nelson Mandela and is current Director of the 21st Century School at Oxford.

  MARCUS DU SAUTOY -  Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science.

  AUBREY DE GREY – Leading British researcher on aging. He provocatively proposed that the first human beings who will live to 1,000 years old have already been born.

ALYS FOWLER - Cult gardening heroine and The Thrifty Gardener columnist.

BEN MOOR - Actor, writer, comedian and stalwart of the Edinburgh Fringe

OLIVER BURKEMAN – Each week in The Guardian's This Column Will Change Your Life, he writes about self-help culture and makes unprovoked attacks on The Secret.

 JULIAN BAGGINI – Popular philosopher, author, and co-founder & editor-in-chief of The Philosophers' Magazine. 

 ROBERT ROWLAND SMITH – Former Oxford Fellow & faculty member at The School of Life.

 MARK STEVENSON –  Author of An Optimist’s Tour of the Future. 

DR MAREK KUKULA - Good Morning, Infinity. The Royal Observatory’s Public Astronomer. 

ROBIN INCE – Radio 4 and Have I Got News For You favourite.

IAIN SINCLAIR & ANNA MINTON - Olympic arch-critic, journalist, film-maker and psychotopographer Iain Sinclair in conversation with agenda-setting journalist & author Anna Minton.

JAY GRIFFITHS - Pip Pip author with her revolutionary sideways look at time.

DAVID MCCANDLESS - Information Is Beautiful. Author, designer & writer for The Guardian, Wired and others.

GREGORY SAMS – Universal Consciousness. Acclaimed fractal artist, organic pioneer, author, entrepreneur, chaos theorist, social scientist, and inventor of the vegeburger.

BEN GOLDACRE - Bad Science.

ANNIE MACHON - Former intelligence officer who blew the whistle on MI5 backin 1996.

MARK PILKINGTONMirage Men. Author & UFO-researcher, Mark took us on a fresh & funny history of UFOria.

DR NAFEEZ AHMED - A User's Guide to the Crisis of Civilization. Bestselling author, political scientist, terror analyst & Director of the Institute for Policy Research & Development.

CHRISTOPHER HIRD - The End of the Line. Director and founder of Dartmouth Films, Chair of Channel Four’s Britdoc Foundation & Producer of The End of the Line.

LAURA WILLIAMS - An exclusive peek at The Aluna Project.

MARK VERNON - Popular philosopher, author and journalist. He's written books on friendship, wellbeing, belief, science and the philosophy of the everyday. 

ALOK JHA – The Guardian science correspondent & Science Weekly podcast host.

DALE TEMPLAR – BBC’s Human Planet producer.

REVEREND BILLY TALEN - Televangelist and spiritual leader of the Church of Stop Shopping - a radical performance community based in NYC.

OLIVER JAMES - Psychologist, writer, journalist, broadcaster and television documentary producer & presenter.

JAMIE CATTO - Founder member, singer, art director & video director of Faithless; creative catalyst, producer & director behind the global philosophy and music project '1 Giant Leap'.

CHRIS SANDERSON – Co-founder of The Future Laboratory and presenter of Channel 4's Home of the Future.

ALEKS KROTOSKI - Observer columnist & host of The Guardian’s Tech Weekly podcast.

ROMAN KRZNARIC – Philosopher and author of Life Lessons From The Wonderbox of History.

TALI SHAROT – Author of The Optimism Bias.

SUSIE PEARL - author and happiness activist

ANN DANIELS - Record-breaking polar explorer & renowned international speaker.

CASPER HENDERSON – Barely Imagined Beings author revealed his 21st Century Bestiary.

PAUL KINGSNORTH – Author, poet, and founder of The Dark Mountain Project. 





“Happiness Comes From Having More” Hosted by Intelligence Squared

 For: Claire Fox (Institute of Ideas founder) & Francis Boulle — Diamond mining heir, entrepreneur and star of Channel 4's Made in ChelseaAgainst: Professor Richard Layard (Founder of  Centre for Economic Performance at LSE), The Rvd Giles Fraser (resigned as Canon Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral during Occupy). Chair: Tony Curzon-Price


“Technology creates more serious problems than it solves” Hosted by Intelligence Squared

For the Motion: Harry Eyres  (Journalist, writer, poet and FT Slow Lane columnist) & Brendan O'Neill (Editor of Spiked Online). Against the Motion: Roger Highfield (Editor of New Scientist) & Rory Sutherland (Vice-Chair of Ogilvy Group UK, & The Spectator’s WikiMan). Chair: Jack Klaff - Actor, director & academic.


“Don’t let the EcoWarriors ruin your fun” Hosted by Intelligence Squared

For the Motion: James Delingpole (novelist, columnist, broadcaster and blogger) & Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (Businessman, newspaper editor, climate sceptic). Against the Motion: Martin Kirk (head of UK Campaigns for Oxfam) & Katharine Hibbert (author & journo). Chair: Tony Curzon Price - Editor of OpenDemocracy


"Successful communities: are they built, grown, or imagined?" -

Lord De Ramsey - SGP landowner, former head of the Country Landowners Association & Environment Agency, John Thackara from Doors of Perception, Blanche Cameron Director of RESET, lecturer at the Centre of Alternative Technology in Wales, Mischa Hewitt from Earthship Brighton, & Maria Glauser co-founder of The Hub.


"Climate Change - the way forward" - Toddington Harper- Director of Low Carbon Economy Ltd, Emily James - Director of Just Do It, Plane Stupid - direct action team.


"9/11 Outside Job?" - Ed Brown vs. 9/11 Truth Bristol.


"Cocaine Unwrapped" - director Rachel Seifert, KnowDrugs campaigners, and activist & peace campaigner Pete Barden in our post-screening debate on prohibition, prevention and rights.



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