Safari Tent

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Close the door to the world outside and escape into your own room of decadence.

Full double beds, with full bed linen, you would have thought you never left your cozy little abode back in the city. We have fully fitted watertight groundsheets covered with a fitted carpet, lovely lighting, clothes storage area and bedside tables, small table and chairs. There will be flowers by your bed and lovely voile fabrics festooned from around the tent to bring you the most sumptuous festival boudoir.

Sleeps up to four people on 2 double if requested

What to bring: Your smiles, we have everything else you need

Parking is available to only 1 car per booking

Toilets and Showers:
There are toilets in the campsites that are high end, clean and emptied and cleaned regularly and that have several wash basins. We all know that festival toilets can generally be unpleasant to use, so please help us in keeping them clean, it will be mutually beneficial. Always wash your hands after using the toilets.

BE RESPECTFUL, PLEASE DO NOT use the surrounding woods or bushes, as if you are found doing so, you may be ejected from Escape 2 New York and your wristband will be confiscated.

There are warm showers which are signposted for male and female sections, at peak usage time the water pressure can be slower. Please be aware the the lines can be long first thing in the morning. Please bring your own towels for showering.

Drinking Water:

We have water and other beverages for sale at the catering tent located on the campsite.

No glass containers are allowed on the campgrounds and only plastic containers. Glass containers will be confiscated.

Rubbish and Recycling:

There are plenty of bins provided and marked properly for trash and recycling, which are emptied daily. Please use these facilities and help us help the environment.

Shuttle Service to Festival:

We have a complimentary shuttle service to take you to and from the festival beginning at 10:00 am with regular trips with the last shuttle coming back to the campground at midnight each day, Friday, August 5th through Sunday, August 7th. Please check your map for the exact location for pick up and drop off both at the campsite and festival site as well as the times.

Additional shuttles will be provided on Thursday, August 4th and again on Monday, August 8th with trips to and from the Long Island Railroad local station and the local Hampton Jitney Bus stop.

Check in and Check Out Times:

You can begin your stay at the Boutique campsite on Monday, August 1st after 6:00 pm but we will only have limited tents available on this day and you must reserve in advance to ensure your tent will be ready. Anyone checking in prior to Thursday, August 4th needs to advance their check-in. For all others, the Glamping site will be all set for all Glampers beginning anytime after 10:00 am on Thursday, August 4th and no advance registration will be needed to check in on this day or any day afterwards.

All Glampers must leave by 12:00 noon on Monday, August 8th.


Escape2NewYork Ticket (duplicate tickets will not be issued under any circumstances Money, but donít carry too much. Remember there are cash machines on site.

If taking a purse/wallet, remember to empty it of everything you do not need before leaving your home Sleeping bags, duvets, pillows and roll mats (if you think you need one)

Flashlight with spare batteries

Towel for showering, shower and toiletries Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses (there isnít too much shade on site)

Thick jacket, sweatshirt, fleece (as it might get cold at night)

Clean underwear (enough said)

Waterproof jacket (we pray for sun, but you never know) as well as tennis shoes and boots (if needed)

Sandals (leave the heels at home girls, fields and heels donít mix)

Warm clothes to sleep in

Wet wipes (great for cleaning all over without the need of water)

Plastic bag (will help your clothes dry in your tent should it rain)

A bag for your trash (which can be deposited in the bins on the campsite)


Pets: They are not permitted at Escape2NewYork (except seeing eye dogs for the blind and deaf)

Candles: They are not permitted, for your safety. Bring a flashlight and a good supply of batteries

Air Horns: They are NOT permitted, for the sanity of those around you

Fireworks: Any fireworks found on entry or thereafter will be confiscated

Glass: Please bring only plastic bottles with you Chinese or Kerosene

Lanterns: They are not permitted due to the number of trees and possible dry weather

Weapons of any kind: DO NOT bring anything that could be interpreted as an offensive weapon of any kind. If in doubt, leave it at home. This includes a multi use tool that contains a knife, mallet, etc. as they will be confiscated and held at the conciergeís station until you leave.

Fires: There are clearly marked fire lanes that cannot be blocked for any reason. No small disposable BBQís and camping stoves will be allowed as there is plenty of food on the Glamping site. Do not light fires of any kind as they could prove fatal due to the close proximity of all tents. All fires will be extinguished if spotted by security on the property

Security: We will have security on site 24 hours a day. Please use common sense as Escape2NewYork cannot be responsible for lost items. If you have an emergency, problem or concern, please go up to the Security on duty and they will be happy to assist you.

Common Sense: Please be courteous to your neighbors and others on the campsite. Do not be loud, obnoxious and keep your area clean of debris. Radios and CD players are allowed, but please keep the noise down after 10:00 pm as others might be sleeping.

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