We strive to inject creativity into every corner of a project. It is a specialised task and takes serious dedication.

For Secret Productions all events are creative experiences, even those with specific targets, goals and parameters. We can help you explore the experience and show you how to make your vision a reality.

Secret Productions have pioneered interactive events in the UK. We look to make the most of your audience with participation, and other user generated content, harnessing the power and creative drive of your entire customer and client base.

We will ensure that all participatory and other public driven elements are integrated and managed to get the best from them, so your event is as good as it can be.

We will help you plan your event, including the site design, the marketing and dressing, not to mention the music. We will look at all the elements as a whole ensuring you achieve your goals by maximising the creative content and it’s integration into all areas of event planning and execution.